Thinline Boots

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SKU: thin0010
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ThinLine Sport Boots are Great For Full Protection. No Dirt, No Rub, Will not absorb Water.

  • Completely closed front, with double Velcro and elastic closure.
  • Soft vinyl outer shell (looks like leather without the price!) 
  • Lined with ThinLine material, making this a light, but extremely protective and durable boot.
  • ThinLine will mold to your horses leg everytime creating a custom fit. Will not slip even in wet conditions. TL does not absorb water, won't shift or rub.
  • Infused with USDA approved anti-fungal agents to control rain rot (scratches) and allow for use on multiple horses.
  • Arena dirt will not stick to the ThinLine lining.
  • Ventilates to keep tendons cool.
  • Machine washable or hose clean; no need to hang to dry, these go right back on the horses!

Available in black or white.  Matching full hind boots also available.


Medium: Standard full size, fits most horses: 10 1/2" tall by 10" wide.

Large: For larger boned horses, such as extra large warmbloods, Friesians, etc:, and large sizes.  Measures 11" tall by 10 3/4" wide.