Super Mash

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Emerald Valley
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What makes our SuperMash Super Good for your horse? First we start with the internationally successful Fibre-Beet™ (sugar free beet pulp with a touch of alfalfa), then we add just the right combination of oil, sugars and fibres to make SuperMash a delicious treat and a nutritionally superior feed. We don't load your horse up with empty calories. Sugars, including starch, sucrose and fructose, are limited to ensure minimal amounts reach the hindgut.

The fibre levels, however, are high and encompass the optimum amounts of cellulose, hemi-celluloses, pectins and soluble fibres. This allows fermentation to occur along the whole of the digestive tract (pectins in the small intestines, for example), which encourages growth of the right microbes throughout the tract, the probiotic effect.

Energy is generated from sugars absorbed from the small intestine, as well as fermentation products along the whole length of the tract. SuperMash provides both rapid and slow release energy, optimising biochemical pathways.

High quality protein, rich in essential amino acids, and oil, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, complete the nutrient profile of the macro-nutrients, and have been formulated to complement the energy of the feed.

In terms of micro-nutrients a wide Calcium/Phosphorus ratio allows it to be fed with cereals, and the low proportion of phytate phosphorus means it has a high availability. SuperMash also provides a wide spectrum of trace elements, and vitamins - especially the B vitamins and biotin - helping to maintain the condition of coat and hooves.

As SuperMash has been structured to give a balanced nutritional "meal" it can be fed in any situation. The highly palatable, non-heating, mix of ingredients will fit into any feeding regime without disrupting nutrient balance and so can be fed as a treat at any time.

Fibre-Beet is an ideal product to feed as a mash. Containing Speedi-Beet it easily absorbs water, making a true mash in a very short time. Mashes are ideal for the horse as the water improves digestibility and gut flow to a greater degree than a dry feed. Hot mashes warm the body core and so help maintain condition in cold weather.

As a treat, a winter warmer or simply as part of a daily ration SuperMash will fit neatly into any dietary regime and provide the correct nutrition to complement any feeding program.

Ingredients: Fibre-Beet®, rolled oats, ground flaxseed, apples or carrots.